Change Log

CSMMT 1.1 r17d changes (first public release of 1.1 branch):

Status: Complete


-Full Windows 7 & Vista compatibility


-UNICODE support (this is the first step on the road to localization)

   -KeyLayout.cfg can contain non-English descriptions of keys and high VKey mapping assignment.

   -Virtual key-codes beyond 0xFF can be used in hotkeys (to support certain keyboard layouts).

   -All GUI controls & elements can display UNICODE.


-Ported to 64bit:  Application now has both 64bit and 32bit native executables.


-Implemented "Macro Suppression" feature.

   -Macro Suppression allows the end of a hotkey sequence to be "blocked" from reaching most other software.



Macro Suppression greatly enhances your options for Macro Assignment by minimizing the chance of unintended conflict / key-input into open applications.

For example: With Macro Suppression enabled for Control+P as the control Panel Macro, CSMMT will block the macro for "print" in typical work-applications.

Or as another example ... say that Control+E is set to enable CSMMT, but we're already in some game.  Hitting 'E' might normally trigger the use-action or type 'E' into the chat pane.


It could be worse, imagine that Control+D is your macro for disabling CSMMT ... but also the macro for deleting files in a utility you use.

You get the picture...


---If the Macro Suppression feature is ON, CSMMT will try to prevent these nuisances from happening.

---The default behavior of this new feature is "ON", you can disable/enable it on a per-macro Basis from the Macro Configuration Page.



-Program settings are now stored per session user rather than globally.


-Improved mouse compatibility with certain software (including some anti-hack software)


-Fixed an issue hotkeys would occasionally not trigger under heavy CPU load.


-Fixed an issue where mouse would sometimes 'jump' on initially enabling fullscreen mode.


-Added self-repair countermeasures to help make sure CSMMT can properly unload its filters when tampered with by other software.


-Fixed numerous 'minor' GUI bugs.


-Improved UI responsiveness in many parts of the program.


-Moved to click-to-end Macro recording.  [There is no longer a short recording time limit ... you're also never forced to wait on input or deletion]


-The TaskTray icon can now be right clicked on instead of just double clicked.  Right Click gives a quick menu for most settings and options.


-Enabling or Disabling CSMMT via menu will now narrate (If Macro Narration is enabled) in order to be clear from Right Click Tray Menu.


-Narration of tooltips has been removed.


-You can now close the "Show Displays" option immediately by clicking anywhere in the display prompts.


-Dialog Shadows Option under the "fidelity" menu has been removed completely (The code was primarily targetted for Windows 2000 and XP)


-Increased default size of Macro Config page..  Macro Config Page can also be resized now for displaying long macro sequences.


-Decreased the length of VKey definitions in the default keyboard profile.  (fit more into Macro Display in less space)


-Windows Startup option switched to Shortcut based OR Task Scheduler based, rather than Registry based.  These methods are more appropriate for Windows Vista and 7.


-Time Trial Extended to 40 minutes rather than the old 15 minutes.  (Take your time verifying that each of your applications works each trial-run)


*New registration system.

   -Prior customers are not required to purchase new licenses.

   -Please contact ComroeStudios either using the email that you registered with, or if this is not possible you can provide your original registration email / info.




Install / Uninstall process changes:


-Added check and reminder for if program is running before install / uninstall.


-Added support for complete cleanup / removal of all traces of the product.


-Added support for upgrade from old 2007 version (settings migration)


-Added better handling of install-over / already-installed cases.


-Added support for a repair install of a version.




While I have tried my best not to break anything and to verify everything functions, this is a major refresh to CSMMT.  As such, there may be some remaining issues.

Please report any bugs that you encounter to so that I may address them.


To help me catch emails, please clearly title any email as pertaining to CSMMT like follows.

"CSMMT COMMENT: <summary>"

"CSMMT SUPPORT: <summary>"

"CSMMT BUG: <summary>"

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